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FAQ & Resources

What days are classes?

All classes are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Can we take just one class?

No- Students must enroll for the 2-day program.  Exceptions are made for high school seniors.

Is this a co-op?

No- We charge tuition and function more like a school.  Our teachers have backgrounds and degrees in education.  Parents are not required to work any class hours.  We do, however, rely on parent volunteers to make our special events successful.

What subjects are taught at Arrows?

Check out our curriculum maps under Upper Campus or Lower Campus to see what is taught in each grade.

What should I teach at home?

While the parent is still the primary educator, students will receive assignments from their Arrows teacher.  Depending on the age of your child, you may be responsible for the planning and instruction of math, spelling, grammar, and handwriting.

How much does it cost?

Check out our tuition and fees HERE.


Is the curriculum included?

Curriculum is not included in tuition.  A buying guide is provided with the list of required materials and curriculum for parents to purchase.

What are the payment options?  Are there scholarships?

Tuition can be paid in full or in 11 monthly payments.  All tuition is paid online via the FACTS tuition management service.  

In order to keep our costs as low as possible, we are unable to offer scholarships.  We do, however, offer assistant positions to help with tuition.

Do I still need to register as a homeschooler?

Yes!  You are still the primary educator of your child(ren) and must register with an Option 1, Option 2 or Option 3 group according to SC law.

Should I join the Arrows Accountability group?

We offer an option 3 accountability as a service to our families.  While is optional* for our elementary and middle school students, it is a requirement for our high school students.

*It is optional for elementary and middle school students to join OUR accountability group, but it is NOT optional to join an accountability group.

Do you have any recommended resources?

Check out these links:

- A great overview

- Family friendly standards

- HSLDA guide to high school

- Student engagement

- Modified workbox approach

- Planners

- Other resources

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