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Arrows Academy is known for providing an academically rigorous program with a Biblical worldview.

Arrows Academy provides a two day per week program that partners with families to give their children instruction in the main content areas with qualified teachers and excellent curriculum.  Arrows Academy was founded by three moms who desired a thorough and enjoyable academic program grounded in Biblical truth and values.  They created a traditional classroom and homeschool hybrid school where teachers instruct students' hearts as well as their minds. 


Arrows Academy provides two full days of classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, covering a variety of subjects.  Students complete assignments at home the rest of the week under parental supervision.  Please see our curriculum maps under campuses to find out more about subjects and curriculum for each grade level.  We are divided into two campuses: an upper campus for middle and high and a lower campus for preschool and elementary.

Arrows Academy has provided our family the benefits of private Christian schooling at an affordable price while still allowing for the flexibility and family time of homeschooling.  I love that my children have two days a week with their friends- learning, playing, and worshiping God together.  And I love that I have two days a week to run errands, get my house in order, and make any necessary appointments which are otherwise difficult with children in tow.  Arrows relieves some of the pressure of homeschooling, not only in affording me that extra time, but also in providing guidance and accountability.  I feel I can rest assured that my children are receiving a quality, developmentally appropriate education.  It's also a relief to know that if there's an area I've forgotten or have little interest in (art, for example), Arrows will help fill in the gaps.  What I love most, though, is how my children have grown spiritually.  The missions classes and morning assemblies with worship and God's Word have had more of an impact on them than their Sunday School classes at church.

Arrows Academy has been an important part of our family's life for five years.  The skilled, professional teachers have created an interesting, challenging, and engaging learning environment for my now middle school aged children.  My kids look forward to interacting with their teachers and friend each week in a setting which simply cannot be reproduced around my kitchen table at home with me as their only teacher.  At Arrows I can rest knowing my kids are receiving an excellent education with carefully selected curriculum taught by teachers who love Jesus and want to see them grow in their walk with God.

Our family began attending Arrows in 2011.  Arrows Academy has had a profound impact as we have partnered with them over the years.  The students are taught by qualified educators who love the Lord and walk out their faith, investing in their students.  The biggest blessing for us is that the teachers not only pour into our children academically, but also spiritually.  The staff truly cares about the individual hearts and spiritual lives of the children.  Arrows' mission echoes our goals for our children to know and love the Lord and to fulfill God's purpose for their lives.  Also, the support from the families at school is invaluable!  It is so encouraging to be surrounded by families who spur one another on in their schooling adventures.  Arrows has been a wonderful balance of private Christian Education and homeschooling as we follow God's leading in our boy's academic journey!

Arrow Academy is one of the greatest blessings of our homeschooling journey!  I loved homeschooling but had three young children that required a great deal of energy and time.  Adding homeschooling on top of it all was too much at times.  Arrows gave me a little reprieve, a great curriculum framework, and a support system of other parents.  In addition, Arrows provided my children with a close-knit Christian community of learners, teachers, and staff as well as the opportunity to experience a more "traditional" classroom setting.  It really is the best of both worlds!

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